How to create a Tulpa – The Salient Guide

Creating a tulpa is a very simple process, but it still requires due diligence. This isn’t something you can get away with doing for ten minutes every day unless you have an aptitude for it. The primary thing that you have to keep mind though with tulpas is that once they gain their own agency (or apparent sapience as I like to call it) their inherent nature is that they will do things that you aren’t expecting. They will develop an own personality of their own. This is known as deviation and that’s good.

Now, much like growing sugar and salt crystals in science class, tulpas develop faster if you give them a sort of starting point. It can be a simple concept like the outline of a nondescript person or it can be a fully fledged character sheet with a detailed back story. This is also why people who do table top role playing games tend to often become tulpamancers, same with authors too. Don’t copy an existing character from your favourite media, because once your tulpa deviates, you’ll have to explain to it that it’s in fact not the character you based it on .. and it’ll suck for both you and the tulpa.

So, just take twenty, thirty minutes to jot down some characteristics that you’d like your tulpa to have and then imagine yourself a simple white room with two chairs in it. You’re sitting on one chair, your tulpa is sitting on the other. Oh yes, I didn’t say concept, I said tulpa. It’s right there the second you start imagining it being there.

Despite what others say, this is all you need, a simple room construct, a simple origin to start off your tulpa and you simply talking to it about whatever. Talk to it about what you hope it’ll be one day, talk to it about your favourite shows, maybe a good book you read, had a frustrating day at work? Tell it about that too. Anyways, as you keep talking to it, eventually it’s going to answer you with something. Maybe a simple word, maybe a whole sentence.

While tulpamancy is different for everybody, the main ingredient stays the same: you talk to it until it answers. There’s no timeline, there’s no guaranteed outcome, there’s just you and what’s going to become another person in your mind.

My recommendation is that you spend 30-60 minutes a day at most on this. But above all, keep it up and be consistent. After all, you’re literally teaching your mind how to create another persona in i!

//Wondrous Fairy

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