Immersion 101 – How to Make Senses Work

So, you have your first world going now and you’re walking around in it. But, it’s still sort of .. flat in a way. While you can see things, it might not be that clear, maybe things are hard to focus on. There’s obviously something missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on what.

What’s missing are your other senses, because while most of us are somewhat familiar with the concept of visualization, very few of us are familiar with the idea of immersion. Simply put, immersing yourself into a world is when you allow all of your senses to experience it.

My experience on my own and with others worlds have led me to the conclusion that usually, this is the part about experiencing your worlds that takes the longest to master. Because you have to teach your mind to simulate sensations which normally your body takes care of in the real world.

However, there’s some good news in all of this too. For most people, some senses will come easier than others to you, because neurologically we’re all very different and we all have varying degrees of proficiency with our senses. So, if you run across a sense that’s harder to learn in the inner world, don’t skip it entirely, keep trying. If you feel stuck with it, move onto something else and come back to it later.

Before we start this stuff up, one final word of advice about the process: You will initially feel tired and worn down after a while and things might start to get wonky, this is normal since it’s your mind just going “Er.. I’m not used to this, fuck it!” and it’ll start trying to side-line you. My take is that sometimes the mind does this early on in a session, but if you keep focusing it’ll snap into the state you want.

Other times though, it’s just not a good day and after ten minutes you call it a day. But at least try and give it ten minutes before you give up. Ideally, I’d say between 15-20 minutes a day works for newbies, then you extend your sessions as it feels comfortable for you. Just keep a consistent effort and you’ll get there. You WILL need to put in the hours, there’s nothing getting around it. So again, as with tulpas, you will need to push your mind to start accepting the new inputs that you’re giving it.

And, if you just half-ass it with ten minutes every third day, you won’t form a habit and your mind will refuse to accept the new data presented to it. So, do yourselves a favour and put in the hours alright? Let’s start off this next part by focusing on the most known out of all of the senses.




So, we’ll start this off by making ourselves a little training area to experiment in.

Imagine a simple room that’s got gray wallpaper with some simple textures, if you’re struggling with it, take your eyes off this document and look at your room you’re in now and just copy the wallpaper, flooring and ceiling from that. We’re not looking for fancy, we’re going for usable.

In this new room, make a simple table and some chairs. On the table, get a piece of paper and a pencil and just write your name on the paper. Alright, that’s easy enough.. how about manifesting a green cube that fits in the palm of your hand? Got that one? Now turn it into a ball, reshape it into a cone and then try making a hexagonal ball shape. All good? Now for the tough part, make it a ball again and imagine that it’s a tennis ball. Oh hell, now you have a surface and a texture to keep in your mind too!

Run your thumb over it and see if you can get the fuzzy texture to change shape. Now, throw the tennis ball against the wall of your room and follow it with your eyes until it comes to rest again. Pick it up, does it still look good? Alright, let’s try something you remember from early school, model clay! Get a bunch of it and try making it into different shapes, if you wanna go the whole nine yards, put it into a model clay oven and glaze it, then take it out and watch all the perfect little details that are in it. If any of this was hard, keep practicing step by step until it’s all feeling stable.

Refocus your energy back to the table and scrunch up the paper you wrote your name on into a paper ball and throw it. Then get another piece of paper and just fold it. Then tear it into strips. Try cutting some designs into it with a pair of scissors. Simple stuff you’ve done a million times before in real life right?

Imagine a bottle of water and a glass, pour the water into the glass and pick it up, put your pencil into the glass, wiggle the water around. But hey, why stop here? Let’s get really crazy here alright?

Pour the water out onto the floor and watch it drip everywhere, if you’re feeling it, throw the glass itself into the wall and watch it shatter. Empty out a box of ball bearings on the floor and watch them roll around the room. Throw some paint onto the walls and watch it splash everywhere, get a big old axe and chop your chair into kindling and light the whole thing on fire. While this might be mentally exhausting, it’s also a great way to get out your frustrations on the world in a safe environment.

But really, this whole room looks like a grungy mess now, so we better fix it before we start the next experiment. Pass your hand from left to right in front of your eyes and as it covers your visual area, imagine that it wipes the room clean.

If only cleaning was this simple in real life!


God tier challenge: Visualize a really detailed night sky and just sit there and watch it change naturally.


With that out of the way, let’s move onto something a bit more challenging.




Since you already have a room from the previous experiment, go back to the first version of that and sit in front of your simple table and manifest your favorite dish you know and love and try and smell it. Yeah, probably didn’t work out for you right? That’s because it’s a mixture of scents that’s really complicated to get right. (If you did smell it, congrats, you’ve got it easy!)

Alright, lets get out a piece of fish and try that. Yeah, most people get fish right, run your fingers over that fish and smell them. Yeah.. stinky. Alright, let’s try something else, go for an orange or a lemon. Oh yeah, fresh! Try vanilla, that’s also good for a simple starter smell, cinnamon and curry too.

How about.. warm linens fresh out of the dryer? Oh yeah, just bury your nose in that and absorb that beautiful warm smell. Now try something that typically smells cold. Maybe the smell of mint will work? Fruits and vegetables? Fresh snow? Ice even?

You also probably remember a nice outdoors area that you’ve once visited, so let’s go there. While you’re walking around, take the time to bend down and dig up some of the soil and smell it. Nice and damp and earthy right? If you’re in a forest with greenery, pick off some leaves and smell that.

If you’re on a beach, take a deep breath of that nice and salty ocean air, refreshing isn’t it? If you’re in a field of corn, you know that characteristic smell of a farm. If you work with animals, you know they all have a specific smell too. Got a pet? Imagine smelling its fur.

Now, let’s move onto taste which means that we’re going back to our little testing room again where you sit in front of your table. Try tasting a simple fruit. Now try some bread with some texture in it. Try drinking your favorite beverage and see how that tastes like. What’s your favorite brand of ice cream? Let’s try that and see how that feels.

Once you’ve got an idea of flavors you can start doing some really fun experiments by simply manifesting powders that represent an extreme of a specific flavor, like sour, salty, sweet, bitter and spicy. When you get up to the pro tier, manifest a spice rack in front of you and taste and smell all of the spices that you have.

Once you’re done having fun with those, let’s try some different hardness of foods, go all the way from soups to mushy purees to soft fruits to hard vegetables, to crackers to sugar cubes to ice. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it. If you want to have fun, make up your own favorite menu of things that you like to eat and just go through that and take your time. The best part about eating imaginary food is that you literally can’t get full!


God Tier Challenge: Go beyond what you know, try manifesting something from your favourite TV show or book!




Let’s get back to our table again. This time feel the surface of it, it’s smooth as hell right? Because you know, simple table with no frills. Let’s change that by making it into a fresh pine wood table. Now, feel that wooden texture under your fingers. (watch out for splinters!) Look at it’s bumped texture and … if you want to, smell it. Aaaaah, nothing like fresh pine!

Alright, so nice table is nice, but we want more than just the tactile touchy feely don’t we? So, make yourself a fan on the table and turn it onto full blast and feel that wind against your face. Yeah.. nice cold air. Feel it blowing around your hair too, now.. try making your hair longer and longer and feel how it gets different. Then try removing all your hair and feel that wind on your bare scalp.

So, let’s turn off that fan because otherwise it’s going to get in the way here. Now, get a piece of paper and scrunch it up like you did before in the previous experiment. Now feel it’s surface, feels familiar doesn’t it? Try and straighten it out again, of course it won’t get fully flat, run your fingers over that texture.

Next up, manifest a bucket on the floor and fill it with room temperature water and put your naked feet into it. Splash it around a bit for good measure. Now, take your feet out of the bucket and put them on a towel to try them a bit. Then raise the temperature to what you’d feel is warm water, make it a bit steamy and put your feet back in. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.. again, as before, move your feet around a bit and feel the water splashing around. Then remove them again and put them onto the towel and repeat for icy cold water.

Now, try putting sand into the bucket, or anything else you can imagine. (Try porridge, it’s weird) Either way, try experimenting after that with the rest of your body and just repeat all the common things that you’d do in your normal world. Take a shower and really scrub down with a nice bath sponge and then afterwards stand in front of an industrial size air dryer and have it blow-dry your entire body dry. Take a bath, or take a swim and feel the water around you, now change the liquid into something else like syrup, or maybe into something lighter that isn’t as dense as water. You could also do crazy stuff like going skydiving or bungee jumping just to feel how that rushing sensation happens in your body.

You could also go the superman route and just go off flying somewhere and feel the air rushing past you. But, as you get higher, the air will get colder too and you’ll feel that as well against your skin. Maybe try flying close to a volcano too and feel the air currents above?

For some more intense things though, you could actually try simulating pressure, or mess around with gravity and make it heavier, or lighter or no gravity at all! Of course, at some point you’ll have to simply extrapolate how you think it would feel, but that’s all part of the process of doing something that you normally wouldn’t do in the real world.


God Tier Challenge: Get a full body massage in the inner world, man that’s freaky when you get it right the first time! (For all you kinksters: BDSM is perfect for feeling sensation, there’s pretty much the whole range there for you to explore.)




Again, as with our previous experiments, we’re going to go right back to that now familiar room of yours. Place speakers in each of the four corners of the room and sit in the middle at your table. Imagine a simple sine tone and play it on one of the speakers at a time. Back left, front left, front right and back right.

Easy isn’t it? Now, have the sound moving around you fluidly from speaker to speaker, circling around you. Try replacing the sine tone with a voice going “aaaaah” and get that freaky ethereal experience while you’re at it! Once that gets boring, put on a favorite song of yours and jam out a bit to it. Manifest a mixer some sound controls, let’s go with volume, panning (make that a circular one) and tone. Tone will basically just lower or raise the note of your sound, imagine that as a one of those things you put on your voice to make it sound all creepy and growly. Except now you can control it in free-flow, so imagine a short voice clip of something repeatedly saying something easy like “I’ll be back” or something you know really well and experiment with all of these controls to mess around with the noise.

Manifest a simple musical piano in front of you and just fool around with the keys. If you’re a musician playing an instrument, I’m fairly sure you can just skip this entire part of the practice. If not, then try playing your instrument and try and keep it as faithful as you know it is. Now, let’s try a simple soundboard, you’ll need a second table so make one of those and manifest a soundboard with some quotes you like from movies or TV shows and as you push the button, you should hear that as well. Now, let’s get a bit creative, once you have that, make a third table with a keyboard on it and place a monitor on the wall that’s connected to it wirelessly. (because why not?)

Now push one of the quotes and it should place once, then on the screen you’ll see a prompt where you can type in any sentence that you imagine. Do so and as you push the enter button, your sound system will repeat the sentence back to you in the characters voice that you selected earlier.

That’s just one example of how you, with some practice can use an already existing template to produce new things with. If it’s difficult, try choosing someone whose voice you’re really familiar with (no, not your own voice you dofus!).

God Tier challenge: Sit down in front of an orchestra and have them play an orchestral version of your favourite song. For musicians playing an instrument: You’re now playing with an orchestra regardless of your musical orientation and instrument.


And next we have a sensation that most of us aren’t really into…




This one was super hard for me personally, but if you look at pain as a sort of signal from your body, you’ll realize during this experiment that pain definitely has a lot of different expressions.

So let’s start simple here.. simply prick your finger with a needle. Ouch. Now, slam your open palm against a table. Owie. Headbutt a wall lightly, then a bit harder, but.. you know, maybe stop before you end up as a smear on the wall.

Imagine yourself naked in a harsh blizzard and feel the cold stinging your skin, the air drying out your eyes. Now, give yourself a break by manifesting some clothes and putting them on.

Nope, no cheating with manifesting them on yourself, get that harsh and horrible feeling all the way to the end by putting on your clothes while you’re still in the blizzard. Now, take off your boots and your socks again and take a few nice cold steps into snow which has that thin sharp crust of ice on it. Chilling isn’t it?

But wait a minute, walking around in this blizzard, you didn’t really see where you were going! As a result, you’re going to fall into some icy cold water, you try and swim in it and the icy cold shocks you.. careful, if you don’t swim faster, your body will go numb and you’ll likely end up drowning with cold water filling your lungs….

Once you’ve made it out of your icy pool, half frozen to death, thankfully you’re going to see a sauna in the distance, hooray! Naturally you get inside quickly and pull off your clothes and feel the heat stinging your body as it warms up your numbed extremities.

When you feel sufficiently warmed up again, let’s head outside again.. but what’s this? The icy landscape is gone and instead you’re finding yourself in a scorching hot desert in the middle of the day. Oh no, did your nice cold sauna just vanish behind you? Sucks doesn’t it? Well, time to walk to that oasis way way way over there. Hot sand burns your feel, is that a small wind blowing sand up your privates and into your eyes? Ow, that stings. Watch out for scorpions and don’t look too much into the sun or it’ll make your eyes water. Take a deep breath and feel the scorching hot air almost searing your lungs, yeah .. you’re in hell alright.

Once you reach that oasis, I think it’s time for a snack. Let’s get some steamy hot chocolate so you can sweat it out real well. Drink it while it’s piping hot so you can feel that uncomfortable burn in your throat. Follow it up by chewing on some hot peppers, you can drink some of the oasis water if you really want to rinse it out. Oops, that’s not water, that’s super high proof alcohol.


God tier challenge: If you want to go beyond this into serious “What the fuck man?” territory, you’re likely going to go into places you only see in movies with getting shot, getting limbs chopped off, going into shock, getting burnt, electrocuted, melted and other nasty things. It’s not for the faint of heart.


And that more or less wraps up this guide for now. I’ll likely revisit this later in an advanced version. I hope it’s been some help for all of you with immersion issues. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a note below!


//Wondrous Fairy

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