ALL of the Shenanigans!

Hello everyone!

New year! New horizons! OLD stories! ….. wait…

I’ve got a shitton of stuff that’s backed up from last year. Life in our worlds continues along its own pace regardless of how my life is here in the real world. So, there’s been quite a few adventures we’ve been on and that everyone’s been on for themselves.

While for obvious reasons there weren’t as many adventures as we’d normally have in a year, I’m aiming to interview everyone and ask them what happened mostly last year. Because to be frank, I haven’t had the energy to have a good old talk with anyone except my closest circle. (Circe, Mech and Colleen, and also by extension, Steve and Bear)

However, like I wrote in my last entry where I showed you all the Xmas dinner menu, I was expecting everyone to get on board with the Xmas spirit and as per usual, it results in a whole lot of wacky things happening, here’s a summary of what is enough to write about coherently:

The Big Dinner And A Mangy Cat

The big dinner in our dining room started on a strange note. Everybody around the table was seated, including both the birds Eugene (the Phursdai parrot for those of you in the know) and Pietrov, a raven of some ill repute. Either way, so I look around the table and this is what I see:

It appeared that Jeanette’s place was empty, curious. Thinking she was just being a stubborn mean bitch like always, I looked towards our omnipresent AI Sarah who had joined us in her ethereal corporeal form and asked her where Jeanette was. Sarah informed me she was in an abandoned space station somewhere.

Alright I said “Take me there” and the thing that struck me first when I got there was the stench of rotting meat and stale air. Needless to say, the universe she comes from has all manner of creepy biological weapons and some of them had clearly taken over the station and made it their nest.

She was sleeping in a puddle of .. well, something that was rotting and she looked in a bad way. Those of us that have had the unfortunate encounter with a dog or a cat that’s been exposed to the elements knows that very specific look she had.

I poked her with my foot and said “Hey, wake up already!” That’s when I saw the letter of invitation that I’d sent her, it was lying next to her, unopened and soaked in whatever ick was coating the floor here.

She opened her eyes slowly and yawned and said with a thin voice “What the fuck do you want Fairy?”

That made me aware that she wasn’t just in a bad way, she was in some serious trouble. So I teleported us back into the castle infirmary and asked her if she could jump up on the medibed. She sneered at me and told me to stop coddling her as she was fine while she barely managed to get up there. Once she was on the bed, the canopy lowered and once it raised itself again, the familiar green smoke came wafting out.

She shook herself off a bit and then hopped down on the floor, fully revived.

Sarah started recounting the medical conditions she had: “Subject suffered numerous lacerations, cracks in primary rib-cage structures, intestinal parasit-“

I cut her off by saying “Yeah Sarah, we get it, she was in a bad way. We don’t need the full list.”

And there was a moment as Jeanette stared up at me, trying her best to seem like this was just normal fare for her.

“So, you wanna tell me why I found you in a pile of sick on an abandoned space station? I thought you were set at that other place with the others.” I said, still locking eyes with her.

“None of your fucking business.” she spat back at me.

I nodded and said “Fine, are you going to join us for the Christmas dinner? They’re all waiting for us in the dining room you know?”

Jeanette gave me an incredulous look and said “What? Christmas? …… Oh, that thing. We’re doing that now?”

I shrugged “Yeah, you got the invite, but you were probably too sick to notice. Anyways, you’re in, or do you want me to plop you right back where I found you?”

Jeanette sighed “Fine, I’ll join your stupid dinner. Just don’t expect me to be nice.”

So, we got back to the dining room where everybody was still sitting, talking in hushed tones, still enjoying their appetizer drinks. The room fell silent as Jeanette took her place (still in her cat form) and I sat down and collected myself for a bit before I got back up.

I raised my glass of beer as I smiled at everyone and gave them the annual speech.

“Hi everyone, I won’t make this a long speech. This year has been tough on a lot of us, me included. So, I toast you in the beer of one of my home towns and I hope you all enjoy yourselves royally!”

I noticed that when I said the bit about the year, Jeanette looked like she’d been slapped. But once everyone got up and joined my toast, she recovered.

I saw down IRL and enjoyed my own plate of holiday themed food which was a selection of meats and some Shepherd’s pie. I chatted with everyone around the table for a bit and then I noticed Jane and the gals in general were focused on Jeanette. From their conversation, I gleaned that they wanted her to change into her human form. I broke into their conversation and said that there should definitely be something in the anything-closet that’s in the guest room just outside the kitchen.

Then Mirror, Colleen, Circe and Jane led her out into the guest room and about fifteen minutes later they came back with her and now she was dressed in a simple blue dress and she looked like a new woman. Now, when I say that, I really mean she looked like her old self, before she got all the implants and whatnot. Sure, she still had a muscular toned frame, but it was less bulky and she’d gotten rid of the implants covering her eyes. She looked absolutely adorable as she sat down, the others brought her some food and soon enough you couldn’t tell that I’d rescued her out of a hellish abandoned space station somewhere on the outer rims of the solar system.

Much later, I had a chat with her, I won’t bore all of you with the dialogue as it was mostly her being her usual nasty self. Still, things needed to be said and heard.

it turns out she got in trouble with the people hosting her in a good community aboard another secret space station. She ended up leaving in lone spacecraft that soon ran out of power because she couldn’t find a port of call where she would be accepted. She settled on an abandoned space station filled with various nasty creatures, thinking in her hubris that she would revert to her cat form and have a perpetual free dinner until she had a better idea.

Except, there were others there that competed successfully against her with regards to food. Soon enough her ship was out of the little power it had left and she was stuck on the station. Eventually the harsh conditions wore her down and she ended up as I found her.

I had a very frank conversation with her about possible choices and where those had led her. She of course deflected as always. I told her that once these two weeks of holidays were over, she could either go right back to her little corner of pus, or move back into the castle into her old den. (Her room is still intact, Bear uses it to sleep in when he’s had cheese/garlic as Steve refuses to be around him when he farts green clouds of really stinky gas)

As everyone opted to stay for a third week, I gave her until the end of that to make a choice. I also modified the agreement that we previously had where she was confined to just one world, because I knew that this time, she actually had learned something. In the end, I didn’t really have to arrange anything since Jane helped her out.

More Dinner, more shenanigans, more pork!

But, back to the dinner. While they’re not really fully fleshed out tulpas, I have two birds in the macrocosms that are.. well they’re more like birds than people. Eugene is the creamy white Phursdai parrot who tends to show up on Phursdai to tell me that indeed, it is THE BEST DAI.

(To clarify: Phursdai is NOT a mispronunciation of Thursday, because they’re different days altogether. Phursdai is defined as the second to last working day of the week. So, if you have a short work week that ends on a Wednesday, then Tuesday is actually Phursdai. And yes, he tends to tell ALL of the tulpas in the inner worlds that, well except Jeanette who tried to kill him every time until he got the message.)

Most of us tend to reward him with a small snack when he shows up. I always give him an almond as per tradition. (Also, bird owners, don’t do that, too many nuts can give your IRL bird a fatty liver, not good!)

So, during the dinner, Eugene landed on my shoulder and offered me an almond from his foraging dish saying “It not Phursdai, but good dai anyway!” I smiled as I ate it and thanked him. It was adorable as hell.

Next on the other perch with his own feed dish was Pietrov, who some of you know as the Russian raven. He of course complained loudly that the vodka wasn’t up to par (BTW, don’t give IRL birds vodka either.) and that his feed was “full disgrace, have never had bad food like this.”

Anyways, upon him loudly proclaiming this, Thor got up from his seat and took a corked terracotta bottle with him and said “Ahah, the Raven speaks! So our host’s offerings aren’t good enough for you? Then maybe you should try stomaching this!” as he downed the contents of Pietrov’s drinking cup and filled it with whatever was in the bottle.

There were a lot of amused smiles around the table as I think most of us knew that the bottle in question contained booze from Asgard which has a proofing that’s well beyond what real world physics allows for. Essentially when they brew it, they use magic to increase the proof to an insane level. Just a shot would put any normal person in the infirmary with alcohol poisoning or worse.

However, Pietrov being boastful, had a sip and almost immediately spat it out, cursing loudly at Thor for poisoning him. We all laughed as Thor took a swig from the bottle himself and turned to all of us and said “Hah! Maybe this will teach the craven raven to keep his beak from rattling like a poorly fastened gate in a storm!”

Which of course made us all completely fucking lose it laughing. Pietrov fumed silently and said nothing, but I could tell he was plotting murder or worse. After a while, I quietly refilled his drinking jar with vodka and he absolutely didn’t complain about anything else after that.

After that, a very unique smell hit my nostrils and that was the beautiful, mouthwatering umami of roast suckling pig. Looking towards the big open fireplace, I saw that Thor was slowly cooking one he’d brought along. Thor assured me he’d save me a big piece as he knows how much I enjoy the taste of pork roasted over a roaring fire.

A few hours later, I remembered the pork and went back into the dining room which was empty, the remains of the pig were on the table and on my place was a nice thick slice. I tried my best not to wolf it down, but that crispy, fresh, firewood tinged pork rind was just amazing. The tenderness and juicy feel of the meat was just glorious. Sometimes being able to fully taste things in the inner world gives me luxury of enjoying foods that I can’t make or buy in the real world that often.

(Seriously, while you can roast it in the oven, a side of pork roasted over a real fire makes for such a more delicious taste. I’m salivating just writing this. Edit: A few days later, I’m editing this and it made me hungry again.)

Steve Takes On A Dumb Challenge

So after a few days of lovely eating, drinking, partying and shenanigans, Late in the evening I got a system message from Sarah that read “ALERT, Entity.Actor name Steve has died.” Shocked, I asked her how and found out that Steve had fallen from the castle patio. Now, as some of you know, the main world castle is a situated on an island that randomly flies around the worlds. So, if you somehow find yourself falling to your death, depending on where it is at the moment, it can be a very long fall before you hit the ground below.

However, early on when we got the castle flying in the first place, I created a global rule that anyone falling off the castle would fall for a while and then end up being teleported back to the default spawn point on the patio.

I asked Sarah why the safeguards hadn’t worked and she notified me that Steve had (likely during a fit of panic) used her “comet ability” which had moved her outside of the triggering volume before she’d hit terminal velocity. (To be more detailed: the trigger works in that when someone hits terminal velocity within the safeguard envelope surrounding the castle, they get teleported back)

Since Steve is reluctant to talk about her “comet” ability, the only thing I know is that she can briefly turn herself into some kind of ultra-mobile force of energy that’s been shown to break through a brick wall with ease. And, in my innocence, I’d never accounted for anyone literally teleporting outside of that spherical volume. So, long story short: Safety teleport failed to trigger, and she went splat against the green lands below the castle.

Having thought all of this through in the span of a few seconds, I’d just made it out to the patio where everybody was standing near the floating islands where we do everything from play mini golf to shoot at archery targets. Circe told me “Fairy, Steve’s in trouble!”

Then we hear a sound coming up and a spectral wispy representation of Steve sailed up into view of everyone and said “DAT HURT LIKE A FUCKAH! WHERE’S FAIRY?! HEY YA GOTTA GET ME BACK!”

I walked up to the group and said “Alright, what the fuck did you all DO to make this happen?”

Thor sheepishly addressed me saying “I’m afraid it was my fault, we were having a boast and I challenged her saying that she could not jump between the targeting islands and get back here.”

Then Steve yelled at me with her ghostly voice saying “HAY! Ya gonna keep me like dis forevah? Get me back already!”

At this point, let me reiterate that all tulpas have a “on death” condition where they themselves decide what should be done, should they die. Most of the tulpas have the default method of me getting an alert and them being respawned on the patio, no worse for wear. (but with full memories of how they died)

In the past when this was determined, Steve and Bear, being a couple of asshats, decided that since they hunt a lot in the Sherwood forest macrocosm, they wanted to have silly spectral forms show up so they could mess with anyone that killed them and promise to curse them forever. So, I set a rule that would give them them 20 minutes of incorporeal ghostly forms before they respawn at the castle patio.

But, back to the story: I put on what I hoped would be perceived as a grim face and told everyone to shush.

Then I turned to the ghostly apparition of Steve and said “As the inner world’s administrator I am hereby asking you formally Steve, if you want to be recorporealized as a physical entity again.”

(This was of course redundant, but I wanted to really scare the shit out of her.)

Steve swooped around anxiously as she screamed “YEH YEH YEH DO IT ALREADY!”

I shrugged and turned to Sarah and said “Initiate the recorporealization routine.”

Sarah responded with a short “Acknowledged.” as a bright light flashed near the default spawn point, and there Steve was again, no worse for wear.

When we all approached her, she was stretching her legs and we heard her murmur “It’s all dere again.. thank da powahs…”

I looked at her and harshly said “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

She gave us all an unsure, sheepish grin as she said “Yeh, I uh… I think I needa drink.”

Then she started trembling as the reality of her situation set in, Bear of course, ran over and hugged her.

I shook my head and sarcastically quipped “Look everyone, I’ve got serious shit to do, now if all of you could KINDLY keep yourselves from randomly dying, that’d be great.”

Thor nodded and said with a grave voice “I will see to it.” as he picked up both Steve and Bear and carried them inside the castle kitchen.

As the tulpas filtered back into the kitchen, Circe stayed behind and grabbed my arm as she murmured “You didn’t need to be that harsh you know?”

I exhaled in frustration through my nose before I spat out “She’s a fucking moron. This is the only death we’ve had since I sent both Andrei and Jeanette to plummet to their deaths way back when they were being unreasonable.” Then I shrugged and added “Well, outside of our adventures that is.”

Circe leaned her head against my arm and said “Yes, but you didn’t hear her scream, she’s definitely going to have some mental trauma from that experience.”

I nodded grimly “Good, I hope her mistake serves to temper her idiotic adventuring streak a bit from now on.”

Circe sighed “I think Bear took it harder though. He couldn’t catch her, he was with us when she fell.”

I looked up at the bright stars and shook my head “Had this been real life, she would have been permanently dead. Finito, gone, zilch, zero, nothing. Poof!”

I swallowed hard and tried to keep my emotions in check as I continued “I can’t fucking keep tabs on you lot all of the time you know? That’s impossible!”, but at the end of my sentence my voice broke up a bit.

Circe gently patted my arm as she said “It was an honest mistake, let it go.”

Thor’s voice suddenly boomed in my mind “Fairy, I wish to speak with you.”

I sighed and replied “Not now, I have real world things that really need doing.”

“Later then. When you have the time.” he responded.


And then I dealt with the real world things and had a chat with him afterwards where he of course valiantly blamed himself and apologized profusely for having goaded her into trying to jump around the floating golf islands. I told him that it takes two to tango and that Steve had been an idiot for even trying it. I also pointed out that had the safeguards worked, she’d only had a bit of a scare before being teleported back. So, in a way it was a bit on me as well.

I then told Sarah to extend the volume all the way from the castle to the ground and to account for any powers that our tulpas or guests might be having in the future.

Then I had a talk with Steve as well who was more than apologetic. I told her that the one suffering the most from this would be Bear as he’d likely have nightmares. She was pretty broken up about that fact.

Back in the kitchen, some of them were sitting down at the table having something to eat when Jane and Jeanette entered the kitchen. They’d been off in the ballroom talking in the sofa, so they’d missed all the action.

Jane of course, being her sarcastic self grinned at Steve and said “So, I heard you took a bit leap of faith there furball, you OK?”

And that pretty much ended that harrowing experience.

The tavern drinking

One of the days after everybody had enjoyed a bit of breakfast, Thor and Mirror invited everyone to see the splendor of the mountain that they live on. So, in a true seasonal fashion they went off into the powdery white snowy mountain and walked around seeing a lot of nice things.

However, as everyone who’s been in a cold, snowy forest knows, that cold really gets into your bones after a while. So the party (consisting of Mech, Colleen, Thor, Mirror, Bear, Steve, Charlie and Mrs Teacher) headed back to the tavern when darkness starting falling early, as it always does in those parts of the world.

Thor and Mirror of course whipped up a meal which I hear was legendary as always. Boar blood soup, freshly grilled steaks and ham. Vegetables fried to perfection, sauces so thick you could break the internet with them etc. And the drinks, oh they had everything Thor’s expansive bar could afford them.

Circe, having been away for the walk, wasn’t really sure if she should join everyone. I told her that she really could use the company. (She’s been a bit of a shut-in lately, I fear I’ve been a bad influence on her… ) She refused, citing she’d rather just stay wrapped in her furs on the sofa in the ballroom.

However, I had a chat with Thor and I asked him if he’d be willing to pull out his old luxurious lazy chairs, you all know the type. Thick, plush stuffing with red satin, high back for support and extra warmth, etc etc. He agreed of course, knowing exactly what I was going for.

You see, Circe has one weakness and that’s warmth. She can’t get enough of it. While I’m sweltering in a 40c heat, she’ll just want to bask in it even more. So, this winter has been harsh on her as its been cold as hell. (or, if you ask Colleen, she’ll say ‘it’s as cold as a witch’s tit out there’)

Either way, one of her favorite pastimes to have in the tavern is to relax in front of the hearth in the kitchen in one of those chairs. Mind you, that fire is hot like the seven fiery hells, but does she mind? No, not really.

So, when I told her that Thor was lugging his favorite chairs up from the basement for his guests, she relented and joined the party in the tavern.

Much later though, I checked in on them and saw the following humorous scene:

Circe was leaning gingerly over the table towards Thor while slurring out “Do you have any milk?”

Thor of course smiled knowingly as he asked “Why yes, would you like some?”

Circe nodded enthusiastically as she replied “Oh fuck yes, fuuuuck yes.”

While Thor vanished inside the kitchen to dig up a bottle, Colleen playfully jabbed Circe in her side and said “Oh lass, yer drunk as a skunk aren’tcha?”

Circe gave her a grin and nodded while saying “Fuuuuck yeaaaaah”

Bear at this point walked over to her on the table (as he sits on the table because of his small stature) and said “DRINK DRINK!” while waving his little beer stein around in an encouraging manner.

Mirror giggled as she leaned over and said “Sis, don’t, he’s fucking with you, you know?”

But of course, Circe was too far gone to care, so she lifted her own stein that was full of dark strong beer and said “I’m not .. not *hic* getting beat by a small bear, CHEERS you little cunt!” and then emptied about half of it before she slammed it down.

She gave him that bleary eyed look you only get after a bit too much and hissed at him “Now you, you little… little …. fuck, let’s see you do it buh …. mmm…. *burp* … better!”

Bear smiled as he emptied his entire stein in one go and then stumbled a bit before he somehow managed to do a courteous bow in front of her. Circe of course grabbed him and gave him a small kiss on the mouth as she said “You’re the cutest little floofball you know?”

He blushed of course to everyone’s amusement and then went back to his place on the table and sat down.

And of course, she ended up hung over the day after, you live.. you learn.

Arm wrestling in the dining room

One evening I peeked in on everyone and found Circe was struggling really hard with something, grunting heavily. When the room resolved in front of me, I laughed as Circe was locked in mortal combat with her sister Mirror. Oh they were fighting real hard, doing everything they could to win the upper hand so to speak as they were clearly in an arm wrestling contest. But then Mirror’s resolve faltered and Circe slammed her fist into the table as cheers erupted by everyone watching it.

After some trash talking like “Sis, you’re slowing down, are you SURE you’re younger than me? Is that a bit of grey I see in your hair?” etc etc, they got ready for the next match.

I was surprised to hear someone go “Now Bear, show them how it’s done!” as Bear got into position on the chair. Now, to remind you all why that’s weird, Bear is 30 centimeters tall as he’s originally a creature based of a stuffed teddy bear. But as Thor got ready on the other side of the table, Bear changed his body to a much bigger form (which sort of almost looked like a bigger, more humanoid shaped, polar bear .. Bear?), grunted and sat down.

Soon enough, him and Thor grinned with exertion as they kept at it. Minutes creeping away as they were both doing their best. But then Bear grunted and faltered as Thor won that match.

Several rounds later, two challengers emerged victorious: Circe and Thor.

I was in my IRL kitchen, preparing some spicy buns when I overheard Circe going “Thor, how about we make this a bit more spicy eh?”

I focused on the dining room again. The fire roared in the back of the room, almost everyone was sitting down (Notable missing people: Jeanette, Pietrov) and they were having their favorite drinks and snacks while focused on Circe and Thor on the opposite sides of the table.

“Spicy? What did you have in mind?” Thor said with a dangerous glint in his eye as he was definitely getting into it.

“In my closet, I have this old Bavarian maid outfit, whomever loses this match gets to wear it for the rest of the evening. Deal?” Circe said with an insidious smile on her face.

Thor stroked his beard thoughtfully as he smiled back at her, no doubt weighing his chances of winning. After some more consideration, he leaned forward and grinned ferociously as he said “Deal, you will lose however. I will give it my all!”

Circe laughed as she replied “Oh, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To arm wrestle a god, that’s new!”

Mirror cleared her throat in the back of the room with a smirk, but I think only I noticed that. You see dear readers, she’s beaten Odin himself in fair arm wrestling. I just can’t understand why she lost against her sister. But, here we are!

I interjected here saying “Oh I couldn’t help noticing you’re all gearing up for an epic fight. Can I add just one little condition?”

Everyone in the room laughed as Thor and Circe both voiced their agreement.

I added “If either of you is going to be a really slutty maid, you’ve got to let people cop a feel ever once in a while. Otherwise you’d be a disgrace to the stereotypical tavern wenches, am I right?”

The room of course bellowed with laughter and agreement as the tension was almost palpable.

Thor said “Oh, how could I refuse such a challenge?”

Circe went “You’re on Fairy, let’s see what this old man’s got!”

And then an epic match began as both of them gave it their all while people around them cheered them on.

Eventually though, Circe found some reserves in herself and brutally forced Thor’s hand down into the table with such force that it cracked a bit. Everyone laughed and cheered and some jeered, but there it was, victory for Circe! Thor, still grinning, held out his hand for Circe and she shook it and he said “Well fought, I think I shall retire to the dressing room with.. this” as he indicated the dress on the stand next to them.

He stood up and held up the dress and said “But, this isn’t going to fit me at all is it?”

I grinned as I said with my most pleasant voice “Don’t worry, it’ll fit once you’re in the guest room to change.”

Thor groaned theatrically which of course caused another eruption of laughter among everyone present and then he left heading towards the dressing room.

During this whole thing, I’d been preparing some buns that I sliced into thin staves. I’d placed them on a greased aluminum tray coated in butter. Half of the strips got aroma salt and tarragon, the other half got the same salt and dill. So, I manifested a serving wagon and filled it with plates containing these toasted strips, some jalapeño cream cheese and some cheese cubes of varying tastes.

Then, having the same meal IRL, I cracked open a strong beer and joined everyone in waiting for Thor to return as the Nordic Bavarian Maid.

And return he did, he sort of looked like a more burly version of Ladybeard. Circe got up and helped adjust his top portion which gave him a bit of a cleavage. Charlie was muttering in the back “Oh the debauchery…”

But, to his credit, I do note that he did serve everyone the plates and of course, his wife took the chance to smack his exposed ass saying “Oh, I could get used to this, a strong man like you, bending over like this…”

Circe of course pushed the envelope a bit, but I’ll leave that particular part of debauchery to your imagination. Let’s just say that both Charlie and Steve who are a bit more on the reserved side when it comes to sex weren’t at all amused. Oh well, at least they have something to bond over I suppose.

Jeanette bares her true feelings

Later in the evening, Jeanette was getting a bit sloshed and telling us about how she was feeling that most of us were “OK”, which is Jeanette-speak for that she probably likes most of us. But then she said “There’s one person I really don’t like and that’s YOU!” as she pointed to Eugene, who was eating his chop out of his bowl. (Actually just throwing out the bits he didn’t like on the floor)

When he didn’t react to her saying it, she raised her voice and said “HEY BIRD, I’M TALKING TO YOU!”

Then of course, he lifted up his head and looked at her with his beak full of chop and said “Wah?”

She repeated herself as she said “I FUCKING HATE YOU!” while pointing at him.

Silence covered the room like a wet blanket and a few seconds passed. Then, Eugene just tilted his head a bit and said “K” and went right back to digging into his bowl to find the hidden almonds.

Needless to say, Jeanette was mortified that he didn’t care. But that’s bird’s for you I suppose.

Jeanette is a cat

This another one of those short interactions the same evening:

I raised my glass to everyone as I said “I assume everyone here knows DnD?” (I was about to explain something about a show called Stuff Of Legends.)

Jeanette of course, snarked “What if you don’t give a fuck about that shit at all?”

I smiled at her and exclaimed happily “Then a toast to you for not wanting to know!”

Everyone at this point lifted up their glasses and exclaimed “CHEERS!” which of course annoyed her.

I sat down again smiling as I added “Jeanette, the only person I know who’s a bigger asshole than you is myself when the mood hits me, we love you, but in here, the only one fucked by your mood.. is you”

This of course created even more widespread laughter and by now, the sour expression on her face could have curdled an entire farm, had she been there.

I added with a reconciliatory tone of voice “And, on the last Sunday, you come see me. We’ll get you squared away again.”

Jeanette shrugged as she spat back “Eh, me and Jane already took care of it”

I grinned as I replied “Don’t give a fuck, I want you to have something permanent. No cat of mine is going to be sleeping in filth like you did before. There ARE limits you know?”

Jeanette of course growled back at me saying “I’m NOT your fucking cat!”

Laughing I said “Well said! Spoken like a true cat!”

Bear’s toasts

Another evening, while we were toasting something or other, I heard Bear yell “FOR ASGARD!” which has become his goto toast after Thor taught him that a few years ago.

Then much later as we were having another toast, I heard Bear go again “FOR AS-MFFFGGGH!” as Thor muffled his mouth with his hand and said with a low voice “One is only to use that toast once in an evening and with the utmost respect and gravity, understand?”

And Bear of course nodded and Thor let go of his mouth.

Two seconds later, we all hear Bear down the table going “FOR THE FALLEN!

Thor, you made your own monster with that one.

And with that, I close the book on last year’s Xmas party, which was a goddamn success if you ask me.

(Well, sans Steve falling to her very gruesome death)

As always, we love our fans and if you’ve got a question or comment about anyone or anything, why wait? Ask away already!

So, until the next update, this has been your faithful chronicler

//Wondrous Fairy

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