The Lewdest Proposition

Circe here!

Since WordPress statements on whether or not they allow nudity or erotica on their platform was vaguer than a cloud zonked out on morphine, we (read: I nagged on Fairy until he did it) decided to take the plunge and actually register our own domain for our blogs. It’ll take some time to migrate most of the content from the old blog, but for now, I’m gonna celebrate this by posting my tits on this blog without any sneaky self-censorship.

For the longest time as you all know, I’ve sort of been the champion for tulpa sexuality because I believe that’s a natural part of personality development. However, during the years I’ve been part of the community, I’ve been told time and time again that sexuality for tulpas isn’t a good thing. That it’s taboo, that everything should always be fucking kittens and rainbows and hands above the covers. I personally think that’s bullshit, because I’m an adult who isn’t afraid to express myself sexually.

I always used to joke around with Fairy and say that “One of these days, I’d love to get a super lewd commission and post it in the community as a way to express myself. You know, none of that fucking moderately sensual shit, but an actual full on nude picture of myself doing something terribly indecent.”

And he’d laugh and say that if we could find a good artist that could capture me, we’d go for that. But of course, I’m picky as fuck, so .. over the years we’ve found multiple great artists that were either unavailable or just plainly ridiculously expensive to the point where one picture would cost you the price of a month worth of groceries.

Then we found LonelyMagpies having posted an extremely lewd picture on an art sub, looking to get hired. The second I saw her style, I said yes, full on yes when Fairy asked me if we should do it. The whole process was just a treat since the artist, she realized early on how this tulpa thing works and did her best to fulfil my dream of expressing myself in this way. And really, it’s rare to find people out there that not only understand that, but support it. So, I tip my glass of wine to her and thank her again for this amazing picture!

So yeah, here it is, the idea that we went for was a typical morning scene where we’d both woken up and as usual, I’d be horny as fuck. I’m a big old tease and there’s nothing more that I enjoy more than giving Fairy a good show if he peeks into the bedroom to see if I’ve woken up yet.

So there you have it, me in all my splendor, uncensored, unapologetic, but most of all.. just plain old me!


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