Inner World Creation 101 – Visualization and a Simple Room

Hi there everyone!

This is the first of a shorter series of guides on how to do things that most of our older collectives take for granted. While this is written for newbie tulpamancers primarily, these topics can also be used by those that just want to create a richer inner world to explore for themselves.

But, why would you want to make an inner world if you have a tulpa? The answer is pretty simple if you think about it. Without a place of their own, your tulpa is constantly going to be lacking in stimulation and essentially be sitting on your shoulder like a parrot. However, unfortunately some parts of the community these days has adopted a sort of “DiD lite” approach to tulpamancy where all you focus on is switching and nothing else. If you ask me, it’s decidedly unhealthy for you as a tulpamancer and for your tulpas to adopt such a narrow ideal of tulpamancy. But yeah, enough soapboxing, let’s get to the meat of the guide!

We’ll start off simple, imagine a room with simple neutral walls painted with a drab whiteish grey texture. Make it noticeable enough so you can get a sense of the dimensions of it. When you’re done, simply will a table and a chair and then take a seat on the chair and relax. Not bad for the first day eh?

Now, this is where it gets interesting since you’re going to fill this room with things. Add some furniture, maybe a dresser with some things on it? Where does the light come from? Is there a window sending in daylight or is it a windowless room with a lamp hanging above you? Maybe you went the creepy route and you’re right now sitting in a completely dark room with only a flashlight? It’s your mind, your mind is literally the limit here.

But yes, let’s say you have some much needed light, look at the floor, is it plain tiled or does it have some sort of carpet? The ceiling, is that just plainly coloured, or does it maybe have something more to it? If you focus on your chair for a bit, is it a simple wooden chair or maybe something more elaborate? A comfy chair? A strict metallic one you’d find in an interrogation room? Maybe an old Louis the 16nth chair with carved details? Again, your mind, your rules, your way. While you’re at it, look at your table to and make a decision, what kind is it? A big one? Maybe it’s a desk even or if you want to go super simple, make it one of those plastic lawn tables!

If you have a window, maybe put a row of plants near it? That can be a bit tricky for a beginner, protip: Try getting some cacti in there, those are fairly easy to imagine since they’re simple shapes. Think about the colour of the pots themselves too, is there something even painted on the side of them?

After you’re done with that, make a dresser and fill it with some knickknacks, does it have any compartments you can open? If so, drop some things inside and see if you can remember where they were if you close them and so on. The main idea is that you keep on going until your room feels full enough. If it doesn’t, try and make a display cabinet with some shelves to put things on too.

Once you have the room furnished with enough things, go around and inspect all the inventory until it starts feeling familiar. Then, in the real world, take the time to write down a description your room, if you’re good at sketching, feel free to make a sketch of it as well, it’ll really help a lot with the visualization! And there you go, one simple room, fit for a tulpa to be in and do whatever you furnished it to do.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them in the comment box below!


//Wondrous Fairy

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