Let’s Get… Dangerous!

Hi everyone!


Circe’s last post about lewd stuff made us wonder about WordPress rules about erotica and particularly erotic depictions of her, so we looked them up and found a lot of stuff that was ridiculously contradicting.

We’ve come up against this problem before with censorship on the other blog about stories since I tend to write a lot of fiction there involving sex as a natural ingredient. I’ve always had to sort of look over my shoulder about the whole thing and there were some things that I’ve balked at publishing there because I was quite frankly scared that the blogs would be banned if WordPress overreacted.  

But that stops as of TODAY. Since we now are the proud owners of the wondrousfairy.com domain, we can publish whatever the fuck we want. This also means no fucking ads, no fucking NSFW tags slapping your face every time you login, no hoops to jump through. Because to be honest, at some point, I hate ads with a passion and I consider a browser without an adblocker to be unusable.  

Anyways, I’ve migrated some of the topics from the old blogs, rewritten others and just plain ignored porting over some pointless slice of life entries from our old legacy blog which was quite frankly hideous to work with. 

There is however one story arch featuring Charlie and Colleen which was in about four parts which I’m very likely going to simply publish here as a small PDF as a test to see how well it might work for a book. But that’s a shitton of work to do and quite frankly, I’m still in the process of manually migrating the other story blog as I’m typing this.  

Anyways, consider this a half official “YES WE DID IT!” moment for us. And as always, thank you so for much for sticking with us and commenting on our stuff, we love it!


//Wondrous Fairy

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