How to Create Your First Inner World

So you created your first room and it feels very much at home, you know where everything is in this room and that’s great isn’t it? Yes, it absolutely is, you’ve taken your first step towards visualizing your inner world, not bad for a days work isn’t it? Well, why stop there?

When creating things in your mind, there’s three primary modes as I like to call them. Manual mode, exploration mode and concept mode.

Manual mode is exactly what it says on the tin. You make it all yourself, make one room, open the door to another room and map out it’s dimensions, furnish it and keep going. The obvious benefit to this is that you get precisely what you want. But it also means that you also get .. precisely.. what you imagine. Not to mention that it’s tedious as hell and it really won’t scale well fi you want to make something like say a city or something.

This brings me to the second mode which I call exploration mode. Ever had a dream that was so real that in fact when you woke up, it took you some time to adjust to the reality that it wasn’t real? Most of you have. For the majority, dreams are something that’s mysterious and intangible and that’s just treated as another facet of life. Few people ever think about the implications of dreams themselves actually existing, or more precisely, the reality of your mind being able to create these environments on the fly while you’re sleeping. Yes. Your mind, your brain, those environments. That level of detail. You can do this already. This is the funny part, I’m not really teaching you anything that your brain doesn’t already know how to do. I’m just going to point out how you can make this work for you while you’re conscious.

So, you have your first room that you created manually. Now, instead of creating another room, just create another door. You don’t know where this door leads you. So you open it up and you look inside and what’s inside of it, that’s what it is. Again, take some time to make this room familiar to yourself. Spend time in it, make it a part of your inner world, yes, you’ve already started on it! Soon enough you might want to create a door to the outside and see what’s there.

Last, but not least, we also have the concept mode, which in my opinion is the best out of the three. Go back to your first room and make another door and this time grab hold of the handle to open the door and think about what you’d like the next room to be. Don’t visualize it yet, just think of a concept and open it and it’ll be there fully furnished and waiting for you.

This is basically the easiest way to create something, since you’re just using a directed concept to seed your mind with a general idea of what you’ll find. If I say the word kitchen, you have instantly an idea of what I’m talking about and somewhere in your mind there’s a kitchen. If I say destroyed kitchen, it changes, if I say gold plated kitchen, man .. that got weird didn’t it? Anyways, my point with this is to demonstrate that you can already do this, because in fact – random pink elephant – you’re already doing it!

As worlds are just the same as tulpas in that regard, sooner or later when you keep exploring them, things will inevitably start to happen. Then one day your worlds will start to have time passing when you’re not there and that means they’re doing their own thing too.

But in closing: Have fun and don’t forget to write this down so you can remember it later! If you have any questions or comments, you’re more than welcome to sound off in the comment box below!


//Wondrous Fairy

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