Roll Call 2021

Since it’s been a few years since our last roll call, I figured that it was time to update it with our newer faces. Especially since we’re now number 11 members (12 if you include me, the host). Figurines are made with varying versions of Heroforge which is a ridiculously good tool for D&D figurines. I’ve also used Guild Wars 2 for a lot of them as well and some customized builders for others.


So, let’s start off with them in chronological order:




Was Created in: 1996

Gender: Male

Body type: Occasionally inhabits different bodies depending on the need. Nowadays he has three bodies which is a human one, an android one and his battle armor. (The android body has artificial eyes)

Personality: Logical. Unemotional. Precise. Detached.

Mech prefers to stay behind the scenes and observe rather than interact with things directly. He’s extremely analytical to a fault and is to date the only tulpa that frequently disassociates with his inner world body in order to observe what I do in the real world. In fact, for the longest time, he had the opinion that having an inner world body and all things inner world to be a waste of his time and a hindrance.

But, over time, I managed to talk him into at least socializing with all of us on the inside since he so rarely did that. He’s used to be mostly uninterested in the events happening in the inner worlds, saying that it was a waste of time to engage with them. However, as he’s made friends and is together with Colleen, she’s changed his mind on that subject.

While Mech can feel emotions, he usually suppresses them as he considers them an obstruction rather than an asset. Of course, he does experience emotions in the inner world and I personally think he’s better for it. It’s an uphill battle with him though.


Mech was created 27 years ago when I decided to make a visual representation of the logical side of my mind. As a result, Mech is a very disciplined and orderly personality who prefers to analyze data coming in from my senses. He then treats this data in a variety of ways, processing it into different types of usage models. He’s exceptionally skilled at seeing patterns and often sees things developing even before I do.


Countess Circe De Rivanér

Was Created in: 1996

Gender: Female

Body type: Shapeshifter. Has a primary body that she uses most of the time. Very often chooses to wear provocative or sensual clothes. She’s also pretty large compared to a human in her normal size although she tends to shape shift to match.  

Origin: Circe appeared a few weeks after I’d created Mech and she introduced herself as my emotional side. She told us we were focusing too much on logic and it was time that she’d help me look inward towards all those feelings and desires that I’d ignored. She said “Every desire, every emotion you’ve suppressed, every little dirty secret… I’m all that and more.” 

Personality: Warm and immediate. She doesn’t beat around the bush. If she’s got an opinion on something, she’ll let you know. She advocates living life, enjoying yourself, ignoring the rules of society. She also has a huge sex drive and loves to experiment with sex and really dirty kinks. She has no patience with logic, math or theorizing, preferring more to go out there and experience things herself. She loves sensory experiences with everything from music, art, cooking and of course relaxing. She’s the gal you’ll likely to find sipping a glass of wine or relaxing in a bathtub. She describes herself as a complete and unapologetic hedonist.

She’s also an excellent judge of character that rivals, if not flat out surpasses Mech’s logical knowledge on the subject.





Was Created in: 2017

Gender: Female

Body type: A slimmer and more athletic version of Circe’s default body.

Origin: Mirror is the unexpected result of Circe attempting to make a rudimentary clone of herself for sex. In the heat of the moment when she was created, Circe and I were in an intimate situation with another system and our particular setup required one more participant. So, without thinking, Circe manifested a clone of herself. After the scene was concluded, some phrases spoken by the clone suggested it was sapient and we decided to give it a shot. Thus, Mirror was born.

Personality: Mirror is more down to earth than Circe, more practical, less interested in pleasure. She’s also a lot more mature as well and even if she has a sex drive, it’s not as pronounced as Circe’s. She’s a passionate wilderness enthusiast and loves hunting, fishing, that sort of thing. Mirror is usually the one to interrupt everyone with a very simple solution that makes perfect sense. She isn’t much for discussion and she and her husband Thor keep to themselves most of the time. With that said, she can be an excellent hostess when the need calls for it. I suspect that’s mostly in part thanks to Thor considering he’s been a tavern owner for a long time.





Was Created in: 2017

Gender: Female

Body type: Shorter than average, lean, muscular.

Origin: I came across Jane in a macrocosm I was exploring that was an abandoned future war bunker. Once I realized she looked (and acted) like a typical cyberpunk character, I decided to check on her city later. The city became a macrocosm with the name City 08. And while she was originally just another character there, she quickly began showing signs of awareness. I realized she was more than a character when she put a tracker on me and started working out that there was something off about me and the other tulpas.

Jane’s background is that she was an escaped military experiment that was trying to create the perfect super versatile and 100% obedient soldier. She’s loaded up with a lot of cyberware implants and we’re not quite sure what most of them does. She initially was very hostile towards everyone and basically killed for pleasure due to one of her implants being rigged to give her an orgasm every time she did. It took us the better part of three years to get through to her until we figured out that maybe getting her off her dependency to her sex-kill implant would be a good angle to try.

Personality: Jane is usually very sarcastic, tries to avoid emotional attachment, is prone to act on aggression and usually advocates completely anti-social solutions to common every day problems. However, she’s also very good at seeing through people’s intentions and deceptions and she can be highly manipulative when she wants something. Her motto would be to fuck the rules and do what she wants and then deal with the aftermath herself later on. She’s also a complete and utter gun-nut.





Was Created in: 2018

Gender: Male

Body type: Big, bulky as hell. Muscular and dotted everywhere with scars. Red hair, red beard, ice blue eyes. Imagine your typical big/fat/muscular viking and you’re pretty close.

Origin: Thor originally showed up in the 22nd of December 2018 when Mirror broke up with her then boyfriend Robin Hood. Originally she, Circe and Mech had planned to celebrate Christmas in Sherwood Forest, but as it came at an inopportune time, she came to us and told us the dinner was off. I racked my brain and decided to reuse an old tavern I’d dreamt about once. When I stepped into it, Thor was there to greet me .. and it took me a while to figure out that he was in fact based off the mythological Thor with the same name.

Personality: Thor is a warm and boisterous guy whose always quick to a laugh. He revels in combat and fighting monsters of all kinds. He’s got a really strong sense of justice and he hates people who lie and deceive others. I think the only times I’ve actually seen him angry is when he’s been arguing with Mirror or when someone’s been behaving in a way that’s against his core beliefs. He also loves hunting and showing male prowess in different forms. He’s very old school in his attitudes sometimes to the point where it’s sometimes downright annoying. Then again, Mirror is vastly more annoyed than we are at him so there’s that. As a tavern owner, he’s got a broad knowledge of both food and drink and how to cook and serve them. He frequently trades with other traders in different worlds he visits too.

Thor is from an alternate version of Midgard/Asgard where things developed differently than here. He absolutely abhors what he considers “comic book Thor” and “movie Thor” and often jokes about me having the completely wrong idea about things. But, much as with the original Norse pantheon, most of his family is a downright pain in the ass, Odin in particular.





Was Created in: 2018

Gender: Female

Body type: She’s an American Red Fox.

Origin: Originally, Steve was a sketch of a character that was created in a copy of my apartment that I made for an ex overseas. As a joke Steve was female and loved to sleep on people’s heads when they laid down to rest which means she really wasn’t a character, more of a concept. After I broke up with said ex, I forgot about the apartment macrocosm and Steve. That is until, Steve showed up with Bear one day in 2017 and told me they was bored of “waiting in dat dere apartment of yers” or something along those lines.

Personality: Steve is the most dishonest and thieving bitch you’ll ever find. But she has a heart of gold at the same time. Her voice is a deep male one with a thick Brooklyn accent. She’ll easily lie to your face about things and then apologize honestly after you catch her in said lie. But when push comes to shove, she can really step up and be a hero as well. She’s derives profound joy from messing with hunters of all kinds because she sees those as her natural enemies. She’s got a deep affinity for Jane (even though that most of the time isn’t returned) and she’s deeply afraid of Jeanette whom she stays far away from these days.

Steve has the unfortunate problem of being a total klepto which means that sometimes she steals things (food in particular) that she sees lying around “without an ownah”. Also, if you ever wanted to see how she looks like when begging for food, it’s kind of like Pudding, The Fox.





Was Created in: 2018

Gender: Male.

Body type: Imagine if a small white stuffed teddy bear not only came to life, but actually became a really small living organism too. With sharp jagged teeth and small black eyes. He’s also got small claws on each paw which he extends and sort of uses like rudimentary fingers at times.

Origin: In a way, Bear is probably the oldest tulpa I have. You see, when I was around 2-3, my mother had to go work a job and passed me off to a daycare woman who took care of me and other kids. I hated it, I hated the other woman, I hated being left alone. My mother gave me Bear which was a white stuffed teddy bear and told me he’d always be with me. Fast forward a few decades and in a stupid fit of romance, I sent Bear to the US to a girlfriend that I believed was THE ONE. Except for the part where she wasn’t. We were going to meet up later and she’d return him to me, except that never happened and after I broke up with her, she didn’t send Bear back either. It broke my heart pretty bad, because Bear was the most sentimental of my possessions that I had. And then out of the blue, Steve steps into the castle that afternoon and in tow, she had Bear. But there was a big difference: stuffed body Bear had never talked, never moved and never had any kind of reaction to anything I’d ever said to him. The creature waddling towards me with an obvious smile on his small face was like a living being of the same concept. I remembered him hugging my leg and saying “Missed you” with his dark and growly voice. And I cried so much out of happiness, because there he was, ALL of him, more than that stuffed teddy bear had ever been to me.

It turned out that sometime after me and my ex broke up and I forgot about the apartment macrocosm, Steve was completely alone in the apartment. She’d gone around exploring things and mostly waited. Then one day, Bear had become like he is now and jumped off the shelf that I kept him on back when he was with me. They talked a bit and then decided to go find me. Just writing this part made me tear up, because the Bear I have now is so much better than the one my ex got. I hope that wherever his old body is now, it’s helping her cope with her life. And yes, in a way, I almost feel like I owe her for stealing him, because if she hadn’t, I’d never met this version. And the funny thing? He remembers things from the old days too when he was a stuffed toy.

Personality: Bear doesn’t talk very much. But he has a dry wit and he’s very perceptive. He loves cheese (but unfortunately farts very green and very disgustingly smelly clouds when he eats it), raw meat and occasionally fried cubes of ox meat. He isn’t a fan of spices, also according to Steve he’s banned from eating garlic. I don’t want to know why. Bear is extremely cuddly and quick to support people who he thinks are suffering in some way. Since he’s a sort of magical being, he’s got some pretty weird things going on with his body too. For one, he loves beer and really strong booze and boy can he pound them down like there’s no tomorrow! Him and Thor frequently engage in drinking contests where it’s a toss-up regarding whose going to win. Bear’s only real weak spot is his deep affection for Steve. She tends to talk him into joining her for stupid things sometimes and that gets them both into trouble. While he isn’t a klepto, he’s been known to try and lie. But, he’s so adorably bad at lying that we mostly laugh at him. I’ve only seen Bear angry twice in the years I’ve known him and both times it concerned the welfare of another person. He’s usually a laid back personally, preferring more to listen than to speak. But when he does speak, we all tend to listen too.


Charlie Button



Was Created in: 2019

Gender: Male.

Body type: Tall and slender.

Origin: Charlie showed up in a macrocosm while I was creating it and through his ever increasing lucidity and piercing questions, it was obvious he wasn’t just another background character. In his macrocosm he inhabits, he’s a spy for the United Kingdom and stationed at the Dark Hotel which is on a mysterious island. His mission is to keep tabs on the occult goings on there since the government wants to attempt to weaponize the paranormal powers there if possible. He’s got extensive background in the military and the occult and while he isn’t a gun nut like Jane, he definitely knows his way around one. Since he’s rather business-like and withdrawn in his personality, he’s a hard man to get to know.

Personality: Charlie is a proper British gentleman, he’s quick witted, organized and tactical. He has an unassuming, stoic personality. But when he’s in a tight spot, he assumes a commanding personality with a quick report and an even sharper wit than usual. If I ever end up in a war in the inner world, I hope to have him by my side. He’s usually the heart of our group when we go on adventures. Focusing on keeping everyone in one piece. He’s also the first to suggest a cup of tea if we’re ever in a lull while exploring.





Was Created in: 2019

Gender: Female.

Body type: She’s a big cat that originally showed up in a game I played as a custom created pet. Imagine big space panther with big saber-toothed vampire style fangs and big ears and a feral face with blood red eyes and you’re fairly close.

Origin: She was originally a joke character that really was good for comic relief. So, having played Vampire The Masquerade, I told my SO Niky that “If you’ll name yours Therese, I’ll name mine Jeanette after the two sisters.” And so we did. Over time I was joking about what a complete and utter asshole cat she’d be and .. then she started talking and she didn’t stop talking either. I realized she was doing her own thing when I decided in the game to swap to a different pet which meant that I’d have to put her into stasis. When I heard her muffled voice from inside the stasis chamber in the game going “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE, I’M GOING TO RIP YOUR FACE OFF!” I knew I had a new tulpa. The rest as they say, is history.

Personality: Simply put, she’s an asshole. Jeanette is incredibly selfish, very offensive and snarky. She’s a loner and never entertains even the thought of getting help from others. She respects Jane only for the fact that Jane overpowered her the first time they met. If she sees a way to push your buttons, she’ll hammer it hardcore. She loves pissing people off any way she can. So yeah, imagine a big black panther with a chip on its shoulder and a smart ass mouth and you’ve got her in a nut shell. We suggested that maybe she’d be more social if she had a human body, so we gave her one. It was a nice slender beautiful thing, with jet black hair, yellow cat eyes and an absolutely beautiful face. Then she and Jane and Circe got into a love triangle that didn’t end well and she took off by herself into City 08. Since she’s from a future that’s even beyond City 08, it didn’t take her long to establish a base of power in there either. I was rather shocked when I checked in on her and found that she’d drastically modified her body. Her eyes now have permanent bulbous shades that protrude from the skin, Jane says they’re more cosmetic than actually functional. So yeah.. tulpas very rarely turn out the way you imagine they will.


Colleen Rutherford



Was Created in: 2020

Gender: Female.

Body type: Lanky build, medium height.

Origin: Once during a summer when I was having a long vacation, I noticed Mech was sort of restless, if you can call it that. He’s always had a problem with facing the fact that sometimes, there’s no need for logical plans, data collection or anything worthwhile doing. So, I told him to go take a vacation and so he did. He went to the Dark Hotel world and started trying to help Charlie find his two friends who disappeared during mysterious circumstances that same year. Now, during that whole sequence of events I’d run into Colleen a few times and sort of done my best to avoid her since she was being very nosy about what we were doing.

But she didn’t quite .. pop back then, there wasn’t any spark in her. At the end of our adventure back then, I basically teleported her home to her cottage with a note fastened to her blouse that said “Don’t.” She got the message and backed off since she knows magic herself in that world. But during Mech’s investigation into that world, he came across her and the connection she had to the grey order which was a mysterious bunch of magic users whose intentions I wasn’t sure about. Anyways, during their exploration of the island together, Colleen and Mech formed a bond which honestly surprised all of us since Mech isn’t the type for social things. Later on we all went on an adventure with her included as a simple NPC, but over the course of the adventure, she sort of took the metaphorical step over and started acting independently. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, she and Mech later became a couple too. They now both reside in the castle in their own apartment.

Personality: Colleen generally has a happy disposition, without being too upbeat about things. She tends to go towards a practical, but spiritually down to earth view of the world. She’s had a hard upbringing which means that while she’s positive towards most things, she’s definitely not a person who you can pull a fast one on. She’s an excellent herbalist and enjoys spending a lot of time in the castle garden. She also grows lots of produce which she uses when she cooks. I’m honestly envious of Mech since he tends to get a home cooked meal whenever she’s back in the castle. She often vanishes for days or weeks at a time since the order does demand a lot of her time.


Mrs Teacher (Real name Laria)



Was Created in: 2021

Gender: Female.

Body type: Lanky build, slightly taller than an average height human.

Origin: Mrs Teacher has been a character that I’ve roleplayed in an MMO for a long time. Over time it got easier and easier to the point where she started showing signs of sapience herself. Then one weekend we went through some pretty difficult topics in a session and it became obvious to me that she was displaying real emotions. Her real name is Laria (although she prefers the use of her title) and she’s a teacher of a lot of things. She also is quite well versed in magic use and as her original character was a conjurer/illusionist, she retains those powers as well.

Personality: Ever had a substitute teacher that had a pluckish, but authoritative and practical attitude? If so, you’d recognize that in Mrs Teacher too. She’s very particular about her fashion and she dresses in an odd mix of demure and slightly provocative clothing. She’s not adverse to dealing with the criminal elements in her world, she can overlook some of the lesser crimes ,but she has a hard moral limit somewhere in-between violence and outright murder. There is a crazy side to her though where sometimes she can say and do the strangest things, she also has a very dark humor which is an odd contrast.

Due to the fact that she is technically a plant that looks humanoid, there’s some interesting anatomical differences which she sometimes divulges for shock effect.


Wondrous Fairy (Fairy for short)



Chronological age: Old fart.

Gender: Male.

Body type: Porker.

Origin: I’m the host of our tulpa collective. Last time I discussed doing a new version of the roll call, I was told by everyone in our collective that I needed to include myself. So.. here we go. I was born in a decent first world country, English is not my first language. I work in IT and have had several different roles over the years.

Personality: I’m a musician, writer and really shitty sketcher at the moment. I’m a realist whose battled depression for most of my life, so I’ve seen the darker sides of my mind. While I came out as bisexual in my 20s, I chose not to make it into my entire life. I nurture a healthy skepticism towards all forms of authority which means that my own role as collective administrator for our tulpa collective doesn’t sit right with me. I love exploring all the good things in life, art, music, games, movies , TV-shows, sculptures, stories and so on. I’m a fairly good cook nowadays and addicted to tea and mineral water. I absolutely cannot stand Nashville country nor bland radio pop as musical genres. I’m also together with an amazing woman called Niky whose also a tulpamancer. Together our two tulpa collectives have had some really insane development of our respective worlds. The link to her people’s blog is here (Warning: VERY NSFL)


And that does it for this year’s update of our people. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop something into the box below!


//Wondrous Fairy

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