A Different Roll Call

Hiya everyone!

I’ve been plugging away at a million different things lately, stories, compilations of tulpa stuff from last year, the upcoming book on Jane. Goddamn, it never fucking ENDS does it?

Anyways, during all of this, the bright idea came to me to toy around with AI to create pictures of everyone you know and love. So a few hours with some various free AI generators and I have got a bunch of pictures which blew me away. (But man is it a chore to get the prompts right!)

Here’s what we got:




This one was ironically the hardest as most AI models out there equate “tall and imposing figure” with some roided out WWE wrestler. I finally lucked out with one that got him standing in that kind of “default” way that he does.





This one was stupidly hard as hell because a lot of AI models refused to render her as there were no adult themes allowed. But I found one that worked well enough. Still, this is essentially who she is, which quite honestly is crazy close to how she appears in the inner world.





Another one that was hard as hell to get right, because most AIs fail to understand huntress. Eventually I just lucked out after trying permutations on two different AI models.





Funny fact: Lots of AI’s can’t do guns to save their friggin’ hardware. The amount of mutated, blobbed out nonsensical guns I’ve seen while generating various versions of Jane is enough for a lifetime.

I never want to see an AI generated gun ever again. *shivers*

That being said, this scene could have been taken out of any of our stories. That smirk, those glasses, that defiant “fuck you” attitude. It’s so her.





Yeah, this is how I perceive Thor in the inner world. A force of nature and full of a happy rage for combat.

Man, I just love this render so much.





Every weekend morning when I make fried eggs on toast, there’s a moment when the smell from my kitchen permeates into the castle kitchen in the inner world. That usually wakes up Steve and Bear as they’re completely obsessed with this breakfast dish. And as I’m frying my eggs and a cup of tea is brewing on the counter behind me, I just smile waiting for those inevitable words from Steve.


“Yer makin’ eggs rite?”


It was surprisingly easy to coax her adorable smile and pose out of the first AI I tried it on.





This was definitely the most fun project out of all of them. I’ve always had a good view of Bear in my mind, but it’s always been hard to describe it to artists and readers. Although the AI gave him a small white tux, it definitely got his happy toothy smile right. Also, Bear rarely has his claws out like that.

But hey, I can’t argue with that face, he’s fucking adorable!


CharlesCharlie” Button



This was my second attempt at a render and that face is just so perfect.

He’s every bit the super dapper gentleman in this.





Yeah, that cat version of her came out so damn well. The human version is based off the look she adopted during our last X-mas holiday celebration. This is her default facial expression when asked something she thinks is a bullshit question by the way. That annoyed face just says it all!


Colleen Rutherford



One of my favorites for sure. I prompted the pointing pose and clothes, but the face and hair style was just perfectly done by the AI model I used. This is like a moment in time in the garden when Mech asks for the 100th time where the hedge clippers are and Colleen goes “Lad… it’s rite there behind yer arse!”


Mrs Teacher – AKA Laria



This one was impossible to get working in any AI engine I tried because when I prompted them for “silvery luminescent skin” or “bark-like skin” or any variant of woodland creatures, it usually devolved into some kind of female Ent like thingie. So, I figured I’d just make a render of her as if she was human instead.

Not my favorite among the renders, but still fun to mess around with!


Anyways, I hoped you all enjoyed seeing these characters in a different light for once. I might revisit this in a future update as AI models out there online keep evolving. But for now, I’m just happy to have something a bit better than game caps. Sadly, money does not grow on trees and the commission artists I hired in the past haven’t exactly lowered their prices. (But, I must say though, given the option, I’d love to have a commissioned artist make a good rendition of everyone. Sadly, money eludes me still!)


Thanks for reading and see you next time in what I hope to be the first part of our adventure in our new Dracula macrocosm!


As Always

//Wondrous Fairy

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