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As some of you very faithful readers might remember, Circe once morphed into a huge alien creature on a dare, the resulting twisted sex scene featured some participants from both mine and Niky’s tulpa collectives. Rather than recount the scene, I’ll just say that unbeknownst to us, it did result in a number of her eggs being fertilized. Of course, at the time, none of us were considering the repercussions of something that messed up, because quite honestly we’ve done a lot of sexual roleplay over the years with no actual lasting effects.

But the day after, both Circe and Sasha were still sleeping in the chamber. Circe’s giant alien form was still there as she was sitting in a chair that’d become wrapped in a cocoon. Sasha was.. well.. tidily wrapped up because reasons. When we entered we became aware of some other beings and before we knew it, we were assaulted by what looked like a brood of female driders.

When the door to the gallery of worlds closed behind me and Andrei, we leaned against it with the half-awake body of Sasha waking up and we just stared at each other in silence for a moment. The reason for that was that all the driders looked like a younger version of Circe from the waist up, but below, they had the body of a spider. Meanwhile, Circe was still snoring away in the chamber, having lots of her brood clustered around her, no doubt defending their queen. I decided to leave her be since I wasn’t really sure if she’d be hostile or not waking up considering how much she’d gotten into roleplaying the being she was now. I did opt to get her out later though, she woke up and morphed back to her usual shape and seemed to be no worse for wear. But much like us, she was very alarmed when she saw her brood skittering around in the chamber on the monitor I’d provided for her.

Anyways, later in that day, I ventured back into the chamber and parlayed with one of the driders which resulted in one of the weirdest discussions I’ve ever had in the inner world. Initially, it seemed like they were all part of a hive mind since they were sort of all remembering the same things. But upon talking more with the one that was in charge (who named herself Eileen) it became apparent that they were aware of their existence and their place in the universe sort of.

Hearing Eileen tell me about her hazy memories of a beach (with the word beach being repeated in reverence by each drider in the room) and the castle (with some of them laughing and cooing at me) was even weirder. But, that’s when I decided that maybe there was something here after all. So I raised the chamber we were in up to the surface so that we could see what kind of world it existed in.

Said world turned out to be a beach set on an island in a post-apocalyptic world, as the driders explored their new home with yelps of joy as they ran straight into the waves during the sunset, I stood there with Eileen that assured me that they’d be fine. When me and Circe, Niky, Andrei, and Sasha returned there later, we also befriended two more driders called Nat and Kat.

Because of the previously censored events that happened during our little sexscapade, there were apparently three “strains” of driders in Circe’s brood. The first one was a combination of mine and Circe’s DNA with parts of drider mixed in. That had resulted in Eileen, making her oddly enough a sort of daughter to me. Since I’m a person that isn’t really into the parent thing, it felt really odd.

The ones like Eileen were slightly bigger and more athletic in tone, more physical so to speak, which surprised me because I’m absolutely not embodying any of those traits.

Secondly was the combination of Circe’s and Sasha’s DNA with drider mixed in, it resulted in a sleeker, darker complexion in some of them. One of them came over to say hello to him since she felt a bond of kinship with him. And that’s how we met Natalie or Nat for short. Nat was a more studious, ponderous personality. She was more of a thinker as she was busy studying the history of the island and what had seemingly wiped out any and all civilization there.

And then last but certainly not least we had the last strain who was a 50/50 mix of Circe and pure drider DNA. That resulted in a strain that was rougher looking and didn’t really have much left of Circe’s delicate lines. The largest one in that strain introduced herself by basically making a dominant pass at Andrei since she saw him as an authority figure.

However, if you think it was something akin to Circe’s flirty nature, you’d be dead wrong. This giant behemoth of a drider sized up Andrei and basically spat out that she’d enjoy crushing the puny little man under her. She got the name Kat and soon enough she and Andrei were having it out in a weird sort of aggressive grudge fucking. Being used to this by now, me and Niky were sitting down on the beach and we had some drinks while the two were grunting and trying to get the better of each other. Afterward, both bleeding and bruised, they parted ways with some veiled threats which I suppose for them was as close as you could get to post-coital flirting. But, Kat did thank Andrei for his “contribution” to the army she was going to breed, and with that done, she strode into the jungle.

It was only much later that we discovered that much like other insects and spiders, these driders could selectively save semen and use it to fertilize a LOT of eggs. When we returned later and got told by Eileen and Nat that Kat had left with some of the driders and established her own realm up in the mountains, we all felt that it was alarming. But what could we really do? Tell her that she wouldn’t be allowed to do what comes naturally? Instead, we opted to support the ones still left on the beach and after a few weeks, they had a few good huts going and they were getting fairly good at hunting too.

Later on, we did go and see Kat in her strange city which was built upon an absolutely insanely huge webbed platform that had been stretched across a huge chasm between two mountain tops. It became pretty obvious early on that it was a harshly regulated society that was more close to a military base than a free city. The big drider guards there were initially treating us all derisively until Circe in an unusual display of anger decided to cut diplomacy short by shifting into her normal bigger body and essentially throttle one of them while telling her she’d better be ready to back up her words because her QUEEN was there.

The utter shock of all of the driders, who seemingly were all new faces, was palpable. Their ancient queen here? With much reverence, we were all ushered into the main palace where Kat was presiding over everything on a big throne. Previously we’d also discussed between ourselves the possibility that it’d been fortunate that none of Circe’s brood had turned out to be a queen like she was because it did seem like a queen was capable of producing a lot of offspring very fast.

When we saw Kat on her throne, it was pretty obvious that she’d changed since we last saw her, because she was very much like Circe had been that fateful night when it’d all happened.

After some disturbing dialogue with Kat, it became obvious to all of us that she’d gone off the deep end as she was practically making a totalitarian fascist society based on “the strongest shall survive”. During all of this, her daughter Desenda was also introduced to us and surprisingly enough she was a lithe and graceful drider who was more akin to a delicate courtesan than a brutal tribal fighter.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with the queen who had her brought out to punish her in front of us, and halfway through her punishment, Circe had enough and basically scooped up the broken and bruised body of Desenda and strode out from the throne room, unchallenged. And to be honest, considering how Circe gets when she’s mad, the guards were smart to take a step back and give her a wide berth.

When all our war still broke out a few days later with Kat’s forces swarming the beach to look for the tribe there, I’d already made sure that they were long gone by asking our omnipotent AI Sarah to “please move them somewhere safe.” It turned out that “somewhere safe” was far up in the arctic areas of this world. Some more months passed IRL with both me and Niky focusing on other areas in our lives and later we checked in on our little tribe in the icy wastelands. They had settled in nicely into the big cave we’d scouted for them in the harsh climate. (blizzards with -20 degrees C were considered “warm” in that region)

Now, during our last visit with Kat, it’d become obvious that she’d been influenced by some old tapes she’d found in a bunker that was up in the mountains. Said tapes were basically of some old dead leader who was very authoritarian, to say the least. What Kat had also done was breed a set of bigger and meaner driders who we nicknamed Zealots because they seemed to have an almost brain-washed allegiance to Kat. What was also pretty intimidating was that they were covered in thick chitinous armor over most of their bodies and were wearing masks that covered their faces completely.

Desenda pretty much filled in the rest and described a hellish fascist society that was enforced by these four zealots who everybody except Kat was afraid of. The weak were basically weeded out early and the strong were celebrated and rewarded for cruel deeds done in Kat’s name. So, we decided to introduce Desenda to the other tribe which worked better than we could have ever imagined.

During the time that we’d spent doing other things IRL, the driders in the arctic had discovered a nearby military base belonging to the opposing faction that had fought the fascist leader so long ago. Somehow, seeing those old documents inspired them to all take charge of their situation and head towards a nearby ruin of a naval base that likely would have the equipment they could use to get home again.

I was strongly opposed to the idea, but decided that if they wanted to trust their safety to old and outdated military corvettes and the like, who was I to say they couldn’t? Besides, I was kind of assuming that they wouldn’t really make the vessels work for them as they’d no doubt require extensive retrofitting in order to fit their bodies which were a lot wider than a normal human.

Meanwhile, the zealots led most of Kat’s army in a war and ousted her from her role as queen. They cut off her ovipositor tail that was the main feature of a queen and left her on the side of the road to bleed out. She managed to get into a cave which is where I and Circe found her when we came to plead with her to end things. After we brought her back to the castle and healed her, she was pretty shell shocked and had realized the error of her ways.

Sometime later, we brought her back to the naval base where there was an initial shock as she told them all that she wanted to join their ranks to make things right again. Desenda, being furious with her did something that none of us had ever seen before as she instantly teleported close to Kat and had her at her mercy at the barrel of a rifle. After some more arguments between the two, there was a tense moment when we weren’t really sure what was going to happen. But eventually, Desenda threw down her weapon, cursed all of us, and in the next instant, she was gone.

With the help of Kat, the driders soon got their ships working and set out to sea, heading towards their home island. And that’s where we’ll leave off for now as this entry is getting pretty long.

The next entry will deal with what happened a few months later IRL after they arrived back home again. Stay tuned and as always if you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask in the comment field below!


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