How to Create and Manage Multiple Worlds

So, you created your first world and it’s gotten to the point where it’s pretty much doing it’s own thing. But, you’ve had another idea for something else you’d like to explore right? So why stop with one world? Why not more? This is the point where I show you how well the concept mode scales in comparison to manual creation or exploration.

But, first off, we’re going to have to create a framework for your worlds. Because at the end of the day, you want your worlds to be unique, vibrant and most of all true to themselves. If you mash all your worlds together in one contiguous landscape, they’ll start to influence each other and soon enough it’ll all just become a big soup of weird stuff. So, I introduce to you the concept of a gallery of worlds if you will. An infinite hallway with doors on either side that each lead to the various worlds that you’ll be creating. As you enter the hallway, the door behind you leads back to your first created world, it’s behind you when you close it. Now, don’t turn around just yet, but simply decide that your door will be have a sign detailing what world it leads to and turn around. Easy isn’t it?

If you want to be fancy, you can simply furnish the door to have a special shape or a theme that reflects your worlds, that way it becomes really easy to find them all when you’re bumbling around in the gallery. Also, it helps to make all the non connected doors appear completely mundane.

OK, so it’s time to make your second world by using a concept to start off your subconscious creative process. This is where you have to work for it a bit since you’re going to need a concept of what your world is going to be like. So, start by simply assembling a collage of things that remind you of this world of yours. Does a song invoke that emotion? A picture? A certain turn of phrase? Any art is welcome here. Cobble together something and soon enough you’ll have an idea of a place in that world you’d want to visit. Think about this part as a concept, really try and visualize this starting area as well as you can. Then go up to one of your unused doors in the gallery and grasp the handle and think to yourself where this door could lead to in that concept of yours.

Then open it and step inside of your new world.. after that, you just explore and see what’s beyond your starting area and your mind will figuratively do the heavy lifting for you. “But wait Fairy” I hear some of you object “Didn’t you say that these worlds needed to be separate? What if someone walks through this door and into my beautiful gallery? I can’t have pirates invading my ninja world, that’s bad isn’t it?”

Indeed it is. And this is where the management part comes in. See, you’re going to decide right now that these doors only work for you (and for your tulpas if you have them) and that nobody else can actually see or even interact with these doors. That way, you keep your worlds separate and you cut down on the headaches.

And that’s how you manage your worlds on a macro scale. Now, here’s where it gets interesting, because this is what I like to call the management paradox: The more you consciously try to influence a world, the more “you” it becomes and the less of itself it remains. Since your subconscious is there filling in all the blanks and since that bastard is a lazy one, it’ll sit right down in it’s metaphorical ass the second you start to decide things for yourself. So, if you ask me, I’d recommend that you let the worlds do as they will and see how deep the proverbial rabbit hole goes.

But as always.. I have an ace up my sleeve when it comes to that.


Introducing the Argos 4233 OSMS


Ever felt like you couldn’t handle having lots of macrocosms and entities in them? Ever ran into the problems of worlds bleeding into each other? Are you just simply tired of being the administrator as a tulpamancer? Well fret no longer, Wondrous Fairy Laboratories is happy to present the next step in inner world management: The Argos 4233 Omnipresent Satellite Management System!


Argos OSMS 4233 comes with the following features:


  • Fully customizable AI persona interface that supports tactile, auditory and visual input and feedback and more, you imagine it, you get it! 
  • Choose between an infinite amount of personas, ranging from such hits as “Happy Animé Girl” or our customer favorite “Mean Military Guy” or the less favored “Wise Old Man” or maybe even the plot-tastic “Mary Sue” persona. If you can imagine it, our Argos 4233 technology can bring it to life! 
  • Only one Argos copy needed, our infini-world technology gets copies of it orbiting all your worlds at once. 
  • Shielded with our amazing Atlas Power Plate ´93 edition, best of it’s kind.
  • The OSMS comes bundled with a fully customizable integrated surveillance array, ever wondered what happens in your world before you got there this morning? Fret not, Argos 4233 keeps tabs on everything down to the subatomic layer. Why ask yourself “whodunit?” when the answer is to simply check the logs for yourself?
  • Easy to use access system for all worlds and entities. Pesky pirate world keeps invading your ninja world? Well that stops today! The Argos 4233 easily makes the phrase “worlds apart” a reality! Now you can see customized access for any and all entities to any of your macrocosms on either a type basis or an individual level. 
  • Customized rulesets also exist for tulpa abilities, does your dragon tulpa want less realism? Not a problem, Argos 4233 supports multiple levels of tulpa access, giving them everything from full god powers to no powers at all. One size never fit all, so why bother trying to make it work that way 
  • And speaking of rule sets, the Argos 4233 comes preloaded with a global ruleset system, making it easy for you as a host to set any global rules that you wish to apply to all of your worlds. Rulesets can also be narrowed down per world if you wish as well. Again, our customers minds are the limit! You think it, The Argos makes into inner world reality for you!

So don’t wait until the cows come home, make a bargain today and pick up your package for the low low price of free. Operators are standing by!


Now, while the above ad is decidedly cheeky, the Argos is an important tool if you want to avoid the management paradox where the more you directly mess with your worlds, the less natural they become. Instead of directly intervening with our worlds, I tend to issue administrator commands to our omnipresent AI Satellite that I named Sarah. She in turn acts as a sort of buffer between me and the worlds, working as an abstraction filter. That way, the worlds get changed in a more organic manner because I won’t bother with the smaller details, I leave that to the AI, which again is just another concept that uses my subconscious to do my bidding.


However, I generally am a lazy person when it comes to administration, so I usually only tend to pull out the administrator card when shit hits the fan or when something big needs changing. And that wraps it up for world management 101, if you have any comments or maybe a question, feel encouraged to drop a note below!


//Wondrous Fairy

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